Mae Robertson

Photo by Irene Young

To know Mae Robertson is to love Mae Robertson. Her smile, her laughter, her beautifully creative nature has made every photo shoot we have done a complete pleasure. She is a wonderful songwriter with a voice that is effortlessly divine. That is why I opened Glass Half Full with her song, Stone by Stone. You see, when one is going through breast cancer treatment, you might wish it to be over and done with all your might, but the truth is— staying calm and resting with the current reality can be beneficial. The healing is not fast. There is no quick fix. It is a slow process. So, Mae’s words meant a lot to me.

Stone by stone – I am building a great cathedral
Cup by cup – I draw the water from the well
Step by step – I’m headed in the right direction
Day by day – I got a brand new story


Even on the darkest night
When you cannot feel its pull
When there’s only slivered light
The moon is always full

 Another quality I love about Mae is that she is a dreamer who takes action. It takes a very creative person on many different levels to design a wonderful life, and Mae has a knack for it. I have had the good fortune to meet her family, and the whole clan is simply lovely. Their warmth might be part-southern in nature. Mae and I have this biographical geography in common. Yet, since both of us have spent considerable time in New York, it may not be readily apparent. I am grateful we both were in NY at the same time, so our paths could cross. Thank you, Mae, for Stone by Stone, and your other work supporting breast cancer prevention. —Irene Young

Photo by Irene Young

 From Mae Robertson’s Website:

“When Mae Robertson sings, it is meditation for the soul. Her voice almost breathes you to a different world in which beauty and light and good make everything right.” —FAME Music Review

Over the years, Mae Robertson has garnered some remarkable reviews. The Los Angeles Times raved, “Her vocals are pure, spun-gold.” According to Billboard, “Her dusky alto vocal range is a true treat and she has an understated yet memorable way with a lyric that renders anything she performs worth investigating.”

Robertson’s Lullaby & Lovesong Collection has received many awards, including: ALA Notable Recording for Children, Parents’ Choice Gold and Silver, Oppenheim Platinum, Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media, and NAPPA Gold, and has been named Best of the Year by Child Magazine, New Age Journal, and Booklist. The CDs have also been nominated for AFIM Indie Awards.

With four award-winning albums in her Lullaby & Lovesong Collection – All Through The Night, The Sun Upon The Lake Is Low, Sweet Dreams of Home and Dream – Mae has built a loyal audience of listeners, both young and old. The CDs have been named Notable Recordings for Children by The American Library Association; and they have also won awards from Parents’ Choice, North American Parenting Publications and The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.

In 1995, Mae founded, and remains the president of, Lyric Partners, a music label dedicated to the idea that music for children need not teach, preach, or condescend. “I’m a song collector by nature,” says Robertson, “and I especially respond to sweet songs that soothe and inspire. I love expanding the lullaby genre and making music for families that will delight both parent and child.”

Whether she’s singing sweet lullabies for children or creating sophisticated sounds for adults, Mae Robertson’s personal vision is the mortar in her artistry. “Sharing music with an audience is as wonderful and rewarding as anything I can imagine. My hope is that listeners will connect with the truth of the lyrics and the beauty in the melodies.”

In addition to doing gigs and recording for her own record label, for several years now Robertson has performed at an annual concert to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama.

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