Turning of the Wheel

Performed by Chris Webster
Words & Music by Jennifer Berezan

Lost in the night, you came in my dreams
Wrapped me in magic colors, blue and green
I tried to follow but my life trailed behind
Like a freight train pulling sorrow down the railway of my mind tangled in history I’m moving too slow
If you get much farther past me you know I’ll have to watch you go
I cry out to the mystery, I try to make a deal
But you cannot stop the turning of the wheel

It’s like the lines in your face, the silver in your hair
The burning leaves rising in the grey October air
This ocean of life it will toss you about
And all the gold in your pocket cannot buy your way out
No matter what you want, no matter what you feel
You cannot stop the turning of the wheel


You can shake your fist at heaven you can file your appeal
You can try to rise above it, you can crawl and you can kneel
No matter what life gives you, no matter what you steal
You cannot stop the turning of the wheel
I grew up believing that all was well
Who’d have thought this garden of Eden could turn into the depths of hell
There aint no certain fortune, but it’s not a wheel of chance
What can damn you in a moment can bless you in a second glance
In the sureness of the turning lies the hope that you can heal
Cause you cannot stop the turning of the wheel


Performed by Chris Webster
Words & music written by Jennifer Berezan
Turning of the Wheel ©1994 (SOCAN).
From the CD, Drive
©1995 Chris Webster/Lots of Rabbits Records.

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