Praise Song for a New Day

Performed by Suzzy Roche and Maggie Roche
Words by Cecile Mchardy

Over the doors of day
Here by this window sill
I watch the climbing light
As early footsteps steal
Enormous shadows away.
Tenderly from this height
I feel compassion come
As all the city stirs
And trembles in my room.
So from a stance of calm
A stepping out of sleep
My shadow once again
Disperses in the warm day
With its lives more deep
Than any pleasure or pain.

Following the oral traditions of the griots (African troubadours), Cecile, a playful, wheelchaired-wandering, urban buddhist yogi, offered this found poem as a waking meditation.

“Living alone in an attic with skylights, have a vast view from above. A church opposite sounds the angelus. The city awakens early, and I have such gratitude for life, such an urge to flood the world with song as the day with dawning.” —Cecile Mchardy

Performance by Suzzy Roche and Maggie Roche
Words by Cecile Mchardy
Music by Suzzy Roche
Suzzy Roche: vocals & guitar
Maggie Roche: vocals
Steuart Smith: guitars, wurlitzer, special touches
David Mansfield: violin
Paul Ossola: bass

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Laura Nyro, Suzanne Vega, Patti Larkin, Jennifer Berezan, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, and 15 other women musicians.