Playing For Keeps

Words & Music by Deidre McCalla

There’s a beat, there’s a rhythm
Pounding relentlessly in the keeper’s heart
It never sleeps, it’s always driven
To see to that every song is true
And straight on to the mark

(chorus) Hit it like you mean it
Never let go of the passion
Hit every note with wild abandon
As if it just might be your last
The promise of salvation
Is reserved for those who keep
Playing it loose, playing for time,
Playing for keeps

Can you feel the fire burning
Does a storm still rage that will not be tamed
With every breath that you are given
Take your best shot, it’s all you’ve got
Hold on and fan the flames


Do not go gently into that good night
Wring every moment ‘til it sweats
Precious beads of life

Every turn and deviation
Is meant to chart the path to lead you home
Do not deny the journey taken
It’s the endless chore with no room for
Pretenders to the throne


Words & Music by Deidre McCalla
© 2003 Deidre McCalla/Chetwood Arts Music Co. (BMI)
From the CD, Playing For Keeps
© 2003 MaidenRock Records.

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