Cathy Fink/
Jennifer Berezan/
Bill Straw/Blix Street Records/
Jeri Goldstein/
Virginia Giordano/
Judy Dlugacz/Olivia Travel/

Legal Services: LeslieBerman/

Mastering: Charlie Pilzer/

Manufacturing/Packaging: Eileen Joiner

Design Assistance:
Carol Ehrlich/
Candace & Connie Upman/Mitchell Design/

Photos of All Musicians: Irene Young

CD Cover Photos Of Irene: Sardi Klein, NYC
Website Photos: TIna Silano, Jill Cruze, SF Bay Area

Sequencing: Irene Young/Ilene Weiss

Song Selection: Irene Young/Laurie Mattioli

Current Web Design: Irene Young

Initial Web Consultants: 
Carol Ehrlich/
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Initial PR/Media Consultants:
Carmen Dixon Rosenzweig/
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Hands On Help and Humor: Ilene Weiss
Valuable Two Cents: Laurie Mattioli, Ann Jones, Marc MacLean, John Jesurun, Myron Bretholz


Irene Young lovingly thanks and remembers Laura Nyro, Freyda Epstein, Lynn Campbell, Debbie Rubenfeld, Andrea Ravinett Martin, Ann Young, and Vincent Ragone.

The Glass Half Full CD honors the memory of Freyda Epstein and Bob Feldman for their soulful contributions to independent music.

Special gratitude goes out to Bill Straw & Lois Gerard, Virginia Bell, John Jesurun, Marc MacLean, Cesar Torres, Sardi Klein, Kathy Morano, Maggie and Suzzy Roche, Laurie Mattioli, Nancy Lee Russell, Eric & Robert, Susan & Paul, Marina Spence, Will Ackerman, Sonia Braga, John & Sandy Kraehling, Sun-Hee Chrysikopoulos, Dr. Paula Klein, Dr. Deborah Axelrod, and nurse specialist, Mary Ann Juliano for going the extra mile for me during my dance with cancer. Oh, and the stranger in my building downtown who drove me to the St. Vincent’s hospital when the weather was so bad I could not get a cab –
as well as my caring doormen at 41 River Terrace, NYC.

I would also like to give my loving gratitude to Barbara Higbie who emailed to various friends a note on my behalf – and to all the generous friends who responded so that I may not be burdened financially during my year of challenging treatment. I wish I could mention you all.

If I have forgotten any important people, please forgive me. You, too, have my deepest gratitude.

Laura Nyro, Suzanne Vega, Patti Larkin, Jennifer Berezan, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, and 15 other women musicians.